Founded in Colorado, ProtoTaste is a distribution company for restaurants and chefs. We aim to help local eateries reach more customers by providing another channel for their food.

Our assets and business model enable customers to sell their food in places and ways they haven’t been able to before at a fraction of the cost. Customers now have access to a mobile kitchen without the risk that comes with purchasing one. We handle all the logistics and maintenance so customers can focus on cooking and growing their own culinary experience with a full business team at your back.

All customers get access to:

  • Fully equipped trailer
  • Hassle free transportation of equipment
  • Access to a commissary kitchen
  • Exclusive network of pre-negotiated venues, events, and locations.

And more.

Running a kitchen is different than running a business. You focus on the food – we’ll focus on the rest.

Chris Sempeles

Co-Founder, CEO

Chris Sempeles founded ProtoTaste with the goal of impacting as many potential chefs as possible. Having worked in the industry growing up, he knows how competitive restaurants can be. The “test kitchen” concept was created after discussing the difficulties, commitment, and financial risk that go into starting your own food venture. What if there was a platform, giving chefs real customer feedback, and allowing them to test out their menu before they open their own doors? Shortly thereafter, ProtoTaste was born.

Not only did he work in the restaurant industry growing up, but also you could say it’s in his blood. Back in his hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Chris’ grandfather owned and operated a successful Greek restaurant for over 20 years, whose specialty was crab cakes that brought customers from near and far to enjoy them again and again. His father also had his hand in starting several restaurants in the area.

Chris’ background in finance and marketing led him to working with small business owners in the alternative lending space. He worked for over five years providing funding to small business owners of various industries, many of which were restaurants. While he saw first hand the pride that the owners took in their small businesses, he learned of the financial ebbs and flows that can occur in the industry. He brings that knowledge and insight to pass along to chefs of ProtoTaste.

Chris is known for making friends and connections with anyone and his positive attitude. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, good hip-hop music, and living an active lifestyle.

Kyle Pellman

Co-Founder, Product & Technology

Kyle’s passion has always been about identifying ways for people to tap into their own potential to either pursue personal interests or boost their professional careers. ProtoTaste’s mission exemplifies this passion for aspiring chefs and existing restaurants by doing most of the heavy lifting and providing a turnkey experience for it’s members.

Kyle’s background is in Product, Technology, and Operations. Having spent most of his career developing products and optimizing processes, Kyle brings an agile approach to an industry known to be slow to respond. Listening to feedback is a pillar to Kyle’s methodology and serves as a foundation for ProtoTaste’s as well.

In his spare time, you can find Kyle taking things apart and putting them back together. He enjoys outdoor hikes in the Rockies, binging TV shows, and finding new restaurants to enjoy with his girlfriend.

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